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Let’s Talk: Mental Health

Let’s talk, Mental Health!

During the month of October I made the conscious effort to connect more with my blogging & social media audience, also focussing on producing #MentalHealthAwareness articles, collaberated with one of my favourite bloggers and opened up about my own mental health struggles. I made use of social media platforms, engaging in conversations and finding out more about YOU the audience and what your main concerns are regarding mental health.

Connecting and networking with people is something that I always intented to do as I wanted to create spaces where people feel comfortable and safe to express the challenges they face due to physical, emotional and mental health.

In this article I’m going to speak about:

  • Poll results – Results I gathered from a poll published on #WorldMentalHealthDay
  • Questions for my readers – connect with me in the comment section ⬇

8 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: Mental Health

  1. Thanks for your original research, Laura! I think you are hitting on important themes. Lack of affordable health options and transportation are real road blocks (pun intended) to good mental health in the US. Our health care system sends people to their primary care physician for psychiatric care when the PCP doctors don’t have an extensive enough training to give the best treatment. -Rebecca

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    • Thank you for stopping by and reading, Rebecca!

      It really is such a shame that it’s this way for so many people. Indeed many roadblocks.
      In the UK it’s getting just as bad and it’s definitely negligence within the care services.

      I want to do my part in helping change this and also finding ways to notifying people for alternatives to services that are obviously too out of reach.

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  2. This is an AWESOME article. It is so thorough and I love that this is based on research from real every day people. I have tried a few variants of mental health support through the NHS over the years. I used the online CBT therapy last time, I found this to be helpful because sometimes my anxiety is triggered by having to make it to places, because i’m worried I won’t be well enough due to my Fibro. So online was great for me. The only downside was that my wrists hurt from all the typing haha! Keep doing what you are doing, this is such important work. Thank you xxxx Rach

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    • YES! Online therapy is such an important option for people especially now more than ever.

      From added stress and responsibilities to chronic illness and/or disorders etc. that prevent people from attending face-to-face therapy, online can at least offer people the opportunity to still work towards receiving assistance for their mental health needs.

      I found it a shame that not many had even heard or thought about the alternative for online therapy which means either it’s not providing where they are OR medical professionals aren’t sharing this important information with patients.

      Do you have any suggestions for what type of Mental Health Articles you would like to see me touch on for my Mental Health Mondays?!

      Thanks for reading, Rach. Always appreciate your presence 🙏💖❤


  3. Hi friend!
    1) I voted “fear of other people’s opinions” on this poll. In the past, price has been a barrier too.
    2) I definitely believe that access is crucial because, as you said, everyone has a mental health. I do my part by volunteering therapy hours at a local free clinic. I also plan to offer two pro-bono therapy slots when I open my private practice.
    3) Hmm. The personal posts are the best. I’m always up for reading about how others cope as well.

    Great post!

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    • I really thought that “fear of other people’s opinions” option would have been in the lead till the finale. It was very enlightening to read of people’s different experiences and reasons behind what they chose.

      It’s unfortunate that too often people are secluded out of a service when it’s initial purpose was for people who need assistance with their mental health, which is the general public.

      You’re a marvelous being 🙌 I got some exciting news… it’s to do with me starting to help out within the mental health community and making connections, I’ll message it after I find the guts to email organisation representative though 😄

      More personal posts will be on the way, soon!

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