Hey my Lovelies,

I haven’t posted anything in over two weeks which is the longest blogging break I’ve had since I started posting regularly from September. The reason being mainly that I’ve been struggling with my health. My physical health is becoming harder to manage especially as we’re getting closer to winter and my mental health has been super hard to regulate.

Anyways, I wrote this little short poem at the beginning of October but I’ve just decided to post it here. I might do a little update as to how I’ve been doing but for today I’ll just leave these few words here 💚



Euphoria. Poem


Euphoria, I hold his hand for two seconds then he lets go
Feelings of great highs then it all comes crashing down
But why though?
Was I not meant to feel joy or am I only destined for pain?
I pray under my covers asking Jah for endurance, so I can feel just a little alive again
Euphoria, maybe I’m not meant to hold your hand eternally?
Truthfully, even a few seconds with you means the world to me




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