Luminaries by Little Rock - Love, Joy, Peace candles

POTM: LuminariesByLittleRock Candles

Hey my Lovelies, welcome back to my blog and also Happy International Women’s Day 2023 💖✨

This is officially my 100th blog post *celebrates* 🎉. It will be a short but sweet one, shouting out a product I love and have had for a few years now.

Luminaries by Little Rock candles

I purchased these candles a few good years ago, but since it is now a part of my home decor it feels extra special to highlight (for those who don’t know, I moved into my first place April 2022)

Luminaries by Little Rock is a small business ran by an old time friend of mine, Rochelle.

She does candle engraving and illustrative calligraphy. Decorative pieces perfect as a memorable present, for the home and also special peices for weddings.

I have the decorative candle pieces, “Love, Joy, Peace”. The first three words listed in the Bible account of The Fruitage of The Spirit (Galatians 5:22)

Check out some more of Luminaries by Little Rock items here at this link – Luminaries by Little Rock

Once again – Happy International Women’s Day, Stay Fabulous darlings xx



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