Life of a Spoonie 🥄

Who is Laura Spoonie?

Hi all,

My name is Laura, and I’m in my twenties.

Laura = middle name, Spoonie = Someone with a Chronic illness, physical and/or mental.

I previously worked as a youth sessional worker at a charity called Young Carers Project – I wrote a blog about this HERE The charity is for children ages 5-18, who care for family members with physical and/or mental illnesses. I haven’t been able to go into work since October 2018 when I had a panic attack and was in awful chronic pain during work, my manager is very understanding about my health and situation.

If anyone reading wants to find out more about the charity or donate to the organisation you can read up more – HERE

Prior to working with children I actually trained to become a qualified hairdresser for two years at college, I completed my level 2&3 Hairdressing Diplomas and started my own business freelance hairdressing when I was 19. Due to my physical health, I have since stopped hairdressing and it’s a big part of me that I’ve lost since my Fibromyalgia has gotten worse.*major sigh*

A few of my hobbies include drawing, painting, listening to music, taking pictures and sitting amongst nature whenever I get the chance to venture out from my four walls.

Love Hearts

Physical Illnesses

I suffer from multiple Chronic illnesses; Fibromyalgia, CRPS, Asthma, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Tinnitus, Joint Hypermobility… undergoing tests for any other possible illnesses.

I haven’t spoken about or explained every single one of my illnesses are but to sum it up it’s basically all PAIN… A PAIN IN THE EVERYWHERE!!

Mental Illnesses

I became aware of my chronic depression as a young teenager, I didn’t really think anything of it as it’s something I had battled for the most part of my existence, only I just wasn’t aware of the name or what it was that I experienced. I had developed coping mechanisms throughout the years growing up, unhealthy ones but they were mine and what helped me push through although I wanted nothing more than to end it all.

Since starting this blog in June 2018 my goal has been to continually grow and concentrate healing from things have affected me throughout my life. My view is that healing is not a quick fix an cannot be rushed, neither by myself nor by any other person. My motto, “One Spoon At A Time🥄” is something that I try to apply to every part of my life whether trying to achieve a goal or healing from trauma. The trauma that I have experienced is from events that happened in my childhood, some added from the battles I’ve had to face with my chronic illnesses and some that actually happen to be from other people, being the highly sensitive empath that I am I’ve l picked up a lot of baggage during my time so far on Earth.

I started Therapy in January 2019 for my longtime battle with; anxiety, depression, PTSD (+ unofficially Borderline Personality Disorder)

I’m going through assessments for my mental health and have a support worker that I speak with regularly.

Why I created Laura Spoonie and started this blogging journey

I created this site to encourage my fellow Spoonies, showing that no matter your circumstance you can always set goals and accomplish things you may have always dreamed of doing. I started blogging my struggles, victories, language learning, photography, product reviews and art so I can share it with the world and take you on my journey of growth and self-development.

I hope to inspire and uplift whether you’re a part of #SpoonSquad or not, so feel free to subscribe and join me on this journey.

Laura Spoonie Blogs


Do you enjoy the content on this website?! If so, then maybe you could consider supporting what I do by choosing to donate financially. Any donations made are truly appreciated and go towards the maintainence of this chronic illness + mental health site. Generous donations will also allow me to continue reviewing disability products, create more Art and go towards producing the content I love to share with you all. You can also choose to support me via my Ko-Fi page - ...Thank you for stopping by, Laura 💖


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