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The Cambridge Mask comes in a typical medical face mask shape (as you normally see worn in hospitals), but unlike medical face masks these masks have the benefits of being washed and re-worn. It has looped elasticated bands that go around the ears for secure wear, with one adjustable drawstring on either side of the mask so you are able to tighten it if neccessary for a tighter fit.

The Cambridge Mask is available in 15 different designs and 5 different sizes:

  • Extra Small
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large


The size I purchased and photographed myself wearing above is – Medium: 150x190mm, 33 – 64kg (Adult)

The filter positioned on the front of the Cambridge Mask on the right-hand side is there for filtering benefits and not only does it clear the air of pollution via this particulate filter, it also removes potentially harmful gases and pathogens with the additional carbon filter that it’s fitted with.

Functionality & Ease of use

Whilst wearing this mask I found that it was OK for a few things such as when at hospital appointments in waiting rooms but didn’t live up to standards for other activites such as comfortable wear during arts & crafts session at home. As an asthmatic I already struggle to breath, when I wear this mask I feel as though I know scientifically I’m being protected from pollutants present in my vicinity but at the same time if I’m to wear this mask for more than 10 minutes I struggle to breath in any air at all and feel my airways are highly restricted.

I have really small ears so fitting the adjustable strap around my ears is a little challenge and uncomfortable as the elastic pushes down on the cartilige in my ear and eventually the face mask comes off as there’s nothing for it to grip on to (I’ve had this problem all my life, it’s the worst when it comes to using earphones because they always fall out as a result of how tiny my ears are).


On the Cambridge Mask Co. website it says these masks are good for anyone exposed to urban environments with high air pollution levels – any big city often has higher air pollution.

 People in at risk groups for respiratory disease, including children, elderly, pregnant women and those with existing respiratory conditions. 

 Asthmatics and allergy sufferers including Hay Fever. 

 Hobbyists and DIY such as woodworking and sanding. 

 Anyone travelling to regions known for poor air quality such as China and India. 

 Anyone seeking protection for airborne irritants such as Dust and mould

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Cleaning the Cambridge Mask is pretty easy.

After unpacking the mask it’s best to clean it by handwashing and drying it thoroughly before wearing and using it. After a couple days/after every use you can repeat the same process of washing and drying it.

Final Thoughts – Spoonie Friendly?

This Cambridge Mask gets a 2 out of 5 on the Spoon Scale from me. The main purpose of this cambridge mask is to be able to breathe properly and unfortunately I wasn’t able to do so easily with this on. I’m asthmatic and pick up infections easily so the idea of a reusable filter mask was something that sounds very helpful to me. I gave it a 2 because of how straight forward this product is to clean and use but then in the long run it’s unfortunate that I struggled to have comfortability which is very important especially when suffering with chronic illnesses already causes discomfort. I can still use this mask as it hasn’t been 6 months yet since recieving this item and the Cambridge Mask Co. Website recommends to change it after a 6 month period. I’m going to try again with another size and/or brand of re-usable face mask as it’s an item that is very neccessary for a spoonie to have in their Spoonie Survival Kit.

Spoon Rating 2 - Laura Spoonie

Let me know if you bought one of these or something similar and how you’re getting on with it.


Laura xx



Cambridge Anti-pollution Mask

Cambridge Anti-pollution Mask – Purchase your own from Amazon

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Creative PMU suggestions - Laura Spoonie

Creative Pick Me Up suggestions – #MentalHealthAwareness

Hey my Lovelies,

On Wednesday, October 10th the world came together to raise more awareness for Mental Health Day! In this post I am going to mention 5 Pick-Me-Up suggestions for the Chronic Illness & Mental Health community.

These are just a few things that I use as creative coping mechanisms for chronic health issues and wanted to pass it on to anyone else that may need some ideas.


Listening to music has been proven to lower stress levels and is a great way to cope with your mental health.

On World Mental Health Day I created a new music TAG called – ‘Pick Me Up Playlist’.

This TAG was to recognise what role music plays in your life, how it has helped with your mental health and to list 10 songs you would consider being a part of your ‘Pick Me Up Playlist’. – You can read my post here

I’ve been listening to an artist for a couple of years now, who goes by the stage name, H.E.R. She’s a real talent and automatically cheers me up whenever I hear her voice.

If you need a Pick-Me-Up, put on your favourite album or find a new one to explore and listen to.

Crank up the volume and rap/sing your heart out. You might just find the theme tune for your life!



A week ago, on October 4th it was #NationalPoetryDay

I had written a short poem called, ‘Hopefully Rose’ and posted it on my blog.

You can use poem writing as a way for you to express your feelings and emotions, or simply make a poem about what has inspired you or caught your eye at a particular moment. It doesn’t need to be a full page with the longest words, it also doesn’t have to rhyme.

Keep it short, keep it sweet

Write a quick poem before you sleep 😉


POEM: Hopefully Rose



Some people might say otherwise, but I think blogging is definitely a creative outlet. Actually, before I started blogging more frequently (these last two months) I never realised how much of a creative outlet blogging really was. It might not be painting the Mona Lisa but whilst blogging you are expressing yourself with words and connecting with an audience. Whether you’re sharing your story or sharing general knowledge it’s all a way for you to be creative.

I know blogging is tiring, especially when battling with ailments etc. but it’s actually a good way to stay positive and connect with so many lovely bloggers and people who may enjoy your style of writing. If you are only able to type and post on your blog once a week, then do it! If you can post a few times a week, go for it!

Do what you can manage and use it as your space to share your light.

You are a Writer. You are Creative. You are Talented.




Being a part of the chronic illness and mental health community, I know for myself how much the bad days can outweigh the good days and take its toll. Between physical pain and emotional pain, it can all get too overwhelming.

Whenever I get the chance to get out of the house, even if it’s to a medical appointment I like to take pictures of the day, whether it be flowers, buildings, wall art… you name it I’ll snap it Lol

To an ‘average’ person they might say, “why are you taking so many pictures?”, or “why are you taking pictures of that random object?”. For me, I don’t know when I’ll get another day out so I make sure to take as many pictures to cheer myself up. I look back on pictures whilst I’m suffering in bed to remind myself that there are so many beautiful things out there and that’s one way I keep my head above water☺


Hospital Visit - Laura Spoonie
A picture I took after one of many hospital visits




Last on my list but probably one of my most favourites is drawing.

Drawing is a great way to escape your physical and mental struggles, you can use it create whatever you want… just like writing and blogging.

You don’t have to be the best at drawing, just practice doodling and putting pencil to paper.

You might surprise yourself with what you come up with.

I’ve been drawing since I was little and it has always been automatic for me to pick up art tools and just go for it. In the last few weeks, I’ve tried my hand at drawing portraits, an area that’s new for me.

So try it, get a few pens or pencils and get drawing!


Sharlene (Portrait) - by Laura Spoonie


So there we have it, 5 Creative Pick Me Up suggestions for chronic illness & mental health community. Hope you enjoyed!


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