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25 things I’ve learnt in 25 years 💭

Hey my Lovelies,

So I’m officially 30! Just kidding Lol, but I saw somewhere that once you turn 25 you’re basically 30 so please excuse me whilst I have a little cry at this devastating reality of, “I’m old”

Since I turn 25 in like 2 seconds, I’ve decided to do this post to reflect on the things I’ve learnt throughout my life, the important lessons, the ‘mmm interesting’ moments and the ‘a-ha’ lightbulb moments.

Thinking off the top of my head 25 things I’ve learnt throughout my life seemed a little mind-boggling to write down, so I broke it down, thought of the different areas of life and in each section came up with 5 things I’ve learnt, which altogether adds up to 25

So the different areas of life are:

  • Career/Financial
  • Self Development/Educational
  • Physical/Health
  • Family/Relational/Social
  • Spiritual/Value



1) It’s never too late to start saving money, every penny counts

2) Always have a bit of loose change when leaving out

3) Open a few bank accounts

4) My self-worth isn’t measured by what type of job I can hold down or how many 0’s are in my account

5) I can break the generational cycle of poor financial decisions & seek assistance to learn the value of money


Self Development/Educational

6) Ask questions & Never stop learning/gaining knowledge (especially with topics that were purposefully kept out of the curriculum to keep the truth in the dark)

7) The best things I’ve learnt have been through actual life experiences & practical situations NOT through written work & examination

8) I learn more when I’m by myself, seeking to grow and expand knowledge at my own pace

9) I don’t have to get it now when everyone else does

10) Small wins are even more so important than big wins, so it’s necessary to celebrate growth & personal development


11) My Disability ISN’T my fault or a personal failure of any kind + anyone who tries to suggest so shouldn’t be allowed in my aura

12) I can still try to practice good health habits despite my body failing me regardless

13) What works for someone else may not work for me & my health. Be cautious of fads. I don’t need to accept advice from people about my physical & mental health, especially when they have no clue how it is to be in my shoes & especially if it’s unsolicited advice

14) I may be on medication for the rest of my life so having multiple reminder alarms is necessary for function & no one’s judgement matters

15) I am my biggest advocate & shall continue to pass the mic to others in the community


16) Not everyone understands me, even people I’ve known most of my life & that’s OK

17) I’m allowed to set boundaries with people, even my own family

18) I can forgive people & still love them from a far to protect my peace

19) My relationship with myself & accepting ME is much more important than having a significant other

20) I was born to stand out so I don’t need to fit in


21) My spiritual journey is the most important journey I’ll be on throughout life

22) No one’s got me like my God’s got me

23) Just because someone fails to see my value doesn’t mean I’m worthless

24) I value meaningful conversations over shallow talks

25) A natural connection isn’t a coincidence. Thrive



Laura Spoonie – Little ME

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