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Staying Warm During Winter

Hey my Lovelies,

Welcome back to my blog and the last post of my three-part ‘Cost of Living Crisis‘ series. In the previous post I spoke about a few savvy habits that we can all implement to help get through winter and the cost of living crisis. In this post I’ll mention a few winter items to keep in your arsenal to stay warm this winter.

In this article:

  • Items to stay warm during winter

IT’S FREEZING, the Cost of Living Crisis is upon us and it’s Winter Bugs Season!

During the wintertime, it’s vital that you keep in as much heat as possible as it’s the coldest time of year. Winter is the period of time which I like to refer to as – ‘Spoonie Survival Season’ (I specifically note down from September-April as SS Season as those are the months that Chronically ill people have to fight a little harder against the grain of their failing bodies). I mentioned this in another blog I did – Self Care for Spoonies 101 – Winter Edition

No one should be in the situation of deciding to go without heating to keep warm OR having a little food in the fridge to stay full.

1. Hot Water Bottle/YuYu Bottle

Hot water bottles are a perfect way to keep warm and not threaten too much about the cost of heating as these little beauties keep you insulated for hoursss. If you haven’t got a hot water bottle I highly suggest you get one as they are a great investment, especially for anyone who suffers from weakness of the bones or a neurological disorder.

2. Thermal Clothing

Slipper Socks - Laura Socks

A pair of slipper socks is an excellent way to keep the warmth from escaping your body. You may have heard before that when you are cold, it is good to make sure that your head and feet are well covered as these are the two opposite ends of your body that can release heat which makes you cold overall… If you didn’t know this before, well now you do. I received this grey pair as a free gift from my Online Home Shop order.

Slipper socks are a great way to stay warm whilst indoors. Get some cute ones to keep you cheerful during the winter.

Other Thermal Clothing Wear:

Hooded blanket/Oodie


Long Johns


House fleece

Dressing gown

3. Thermal Bedding

Teddy Fitted Sheet - Laura Spoonie

Thermal bedding will change your life for the better! Being comfortable in bed is a must as it is where you restore your energy, mind and body. In order to keep snuggly and cosy during the colder months, thermal bedding is the way to go and you will not regret it. Imagine being hugged by your bed. Yes, that is literally how it feels. Also, if you spend most of your time in your room then having this kind of bedding will add an extra element of comfort for you.

4. Hot Beverages

Whether you’re a herbal tea, coffee or lemon and water kind of person, hot drinks are a great way to stay warm internally. Having a hot drink is probably one of the best ways to stay warm during winter and with rising energy bills. The heat that your body produces from the beverage will last longer than using external heat sources. Also, this is basically a good excuse for you to indulge in hot chocolate and marshmallows with cookies on the side. Not that you needed an excuse, haha!

5. Cura Heat Pad

I have been using these Cura-Heat pads for a good few years now. They have helped me to get through many in-doors and outdoor commitments. They’re a fantastic product to use if you’ll be out of the house for any appointments or trips as they last for 24 hours so it’s like having a hot water bottle on your back but without having to refill them all the time whilst you’re out and about. They’re easy to apply to clothing and keep you warm.

6. Electric Heating Pads

Grey Beurer Heat Pad - Laura Spoonie

I was kindly gifted this electric heat pad by a special person. It has been divine to say the least. Whether you need it to stay warm, help with a better night’s sleep or want to use it for your chronic pain, an electric heat pad/blanket is a superb item to have in your winter survival kit.

They have become more common over the last few years so you can find some for very reasonable prices. It comes with different temperate levels and also has an automatic cut-off time so you don’t have to worry about it still heating up if you perhaps forget to turn it off during the night.

7. Hot Baths

Not everyone has a bathtub in their home, so this may not apply to you. If you do have one, an Epsom salt soak is a lovely way to relax and get some warmth into your muscles and bones. I personally am an Epsom salts connoisseur and if you’ve followed me for some time now, you know that I have done a few giveaways where a pack of Epsom salts is included in the prize gift.

*Stay tuned for more GIVEAWAYS in the future*

If you do not have a bath then an alternative option would be to get a small bowl/basin, big enough for your feet to soak in warm water with some Epsom salts. This way you can still get the benefits of relaxing and also warming yourself up.


These are just a few suggestions that can help you to stay warm during the winter months whilst energy bills continuously rise! I hope it helped

Let me know which suggestion is your favourite in the comments section.

Take care and Stay warm 🤗🧸

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