Laura Spoonie - Black Girl Finance

Black Girl Finance – Book Review

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• Black Girl Finance – Book Review

Laura Spoonie - Black Girl Finance
Laura Spoonie – Black Girl Finance

Black Girl Finance

Recently, I completed an audiobook (which I too own in paper book version), ‘Black Girl Finance’

I found out about this book around November 2020, when it was yet to be released. As usual, clicking through Instagram and came across a page called Black Girl Finance, which intrigued me. I then realised the person behind the account was actually a black British lady, like myself and was set to release her first ever publication. So I went ahead and pre-ordered the audible book and then a  couple of weeks before the release date, I decided to order the paper back off Amazon too.

This book highlights the serious flaw that still remains in financial society such as; pay gap between male and female and how underpaid BAME (Black, Asian, Minority, Ethnic) are.

Contents of Topics:

• Money mindset
• Budgeting
• Net worth
• Credit score
• Tackling debt
• Financial Goals
• Saving
• Emergency funds
• Investing
• Assets

This book also talks about how much our younger years influence our money habits and have an impact into how we navigate throughout life in a healthy or unhealthy financial manner as we get older.

The hard back version also has space for you to write down your thoughts in chapters where Selina asks the reader questions, such as, “Who set the biggest financial example for you growing up?”

This gives us the chance to see where our habits may have stemmed from. Selina helps us to understand that even if we experienced a disadvantaged childhood, whether that was seeing parents struggling to make ends meat or witnessing poor money decision being made in front of us that we have the opportunity to unlearn those subliminally ingrained habits and replace them with healthy, positive management skills. Selina includes her own personal examples of growing up and also how she manifested certain financial behaviours when she herself became a parent, until she took a step back and noticed these patterns. This really emphasises the point that how much of what were taught when younger eventually gets passed down to generations and if we want to be the ones in charge of our lives then we have to break cycles when it comes to surviving financially as a black woman in the UK. Selina highlights the disadvantage these financial barriers pose for Black British girls and women but she reassures us that we can still make healthy financial decisions so as to better ourselves and our own situation regardless of outside influence or even how we were brought up.

I recommend this book to all ages of black women and girls, also for those who are of a different race definitely read this sweet and straight to the point book to educate yourselves on how your black colleagues, friends or family members are at a systemic financial disadvantage. Get an understanding of how society puts a cap on the black community and how we can take steps to get above this to better our lineage.

I will also be expanding on this topic about being black, female and disabled in the UK and how this all has an evident impact on finances… Subscribe to my blog via my website & Stay tuned!




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