POTM: Cura-Heat Pads

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Cura Heat Heat Pack 3 Pack
Cura-Heat Pain Relief Pads


These heat pads are my absolute favourites. They stay warm for 24 hours and are fantastic for keeping in warmth on a cold day out & easing pains for some relief.

The packaging is bright orange and red with photos suggesting which areas to wear the patches.

The heat pads come in a box which has words on the front saying – “All Day Pain Relief; penetrating heat action, non-medicinal.”


  1. iron powder
  2. water
  3. activated carbon


Functionality & Ease of use




Cura-Heat Pad - Laura Spoonie
24HR Cura-Heat Pad


Once you open the packet, the filings inside the pad react with oxygen in the air to create heat – no wires or microwave required! The heat is constant and long-lasting up to 24 hours for Cura-Heat Pads.

The instructions to use these heat pads are on the back of the packet, easy to read and precise.

Simply open the packet, tear off the adhesive paper and stick the Hotteeze to your clothing where you want heat! Cure-Heat works best on tight cotton underclothing.

24 HR – Regular Size Heat Pads x  in a pack

24 HR – Double Size Heat Pads x 4 in a pack

8 HR- Knee & Wrist wrap x 6 in a pack

Cura-Heat Pads contain potassium chloride, which can also act as a soil conditioner. The other ingredients are iron powder, water and activated carbon. This is great because the contents can be reused as a soil conditioner for your house plants and/or garden. A massive tick for being an eco-friendly product.


Final Thoughts – Spoonie Friendly?

I used these heat pads both to keep warm and to ease my chronic pain. When taking trips to medical appointments or even to staying indoors these were superb. They are also brilliant to have in your bag just in case the weather decides to switch up whilst you’re out and about also.

My back is becoming increasingly painful & I’m not sure if my CRPS is getting worse or if it’s something else. These Cura-Heat pads have literally helped me get through these last couple of months, they’re a fantastic product to use if you’ll be out of the house for any appointments or outings as they last for 24 hours so it’s like having a hot water bottle on your back but without having to refill them all the time whilst you’re out and about.

Amazon has the option to get these heat pads on subscription so it makes it easier to stock up every month at a cost of £3.04.

These are definitely a new favourite of mine and a must have in my Chronic Illness Kit.

Spoon Rating 5 - Laura Spoonie


If you also suffer from a chronic illness, medical condition, these are a great item for you to have in your draw. Please read the instructions before use and DO NOT stick these directly onto your skin!! 

Have you used Cura-Heat Pads before or another brand?


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