Which Star Wars Character Are You?!

Hey my Lovelies,

This is a totally random post but to be fair I’m hardly predictable so here I am sharing it.

Sometimes I get caught up on the World Wide Web & stumble across those, ‘Which Disney Princess are you quizzes Lol rather funny what the results come up as but this time I did a Star Wars one!

The Results showed that I AM most like BB-8

BB-8 is a droid character that made it’s first ever appearance in 2015 Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which added to the Star Wars franchise. Whilst R2-D2 was basically asleep for the whole of The Force Awakens movie, BB-8 came rolling in stealing everyone’s attention with its cute droid sounds and gestures and hasn’t stopped since.

The exact wording of my results are mentioned below:


You’re BB-8! To start, you are beyond cute. You have a heart of gold, always wanting to do what’s right, but that’s not always easy. You’re being pulled in every direction by different people who want different things from you. They’re all depending on you, but we know it can be tough to juggle so many responsibilities at once! A normal person might give up, but you’re always willing to help, so you’ll stick in there until the end. It’s a confusing world out there, but you can do it!”

If you’re a Star Wars Fan (or literally have nothing else to do haha) check out the quiz ⬇

Thank you for reading such a short and random Blog Post, I shall be back next week to commence Mental Health Monday. Until then, May The Force Be With You! ✌💕


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3 thoughts on “Which Star Wars Character Are You?!

  1. BB-8 is freaking adorable and he seems lovely! I wanted R2-D2 & now I’m extra level salty because I got Kylo Ren. I don’t even watch Star Wars but I know he’s no good. 😤


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