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This is me. No make-up. No filter. Purple hair dye on my hands. No muscles but still flexing, haha. My first name is Ria (Air backwards) but for the sake of my blog, I go by my middle name, Laura & added Spoonie so I could have ‘Laura Spoonie’ as my @ across all platforms.

I was officially diagnosed with Fibromyalgia at the age of 19 & next month I’ll be 25. So, it’s been my unwanted companion for 6 long years 😔

I suffer from a few other physical illnesses aside from Fibromyalgia; CRPS, Asthma, Dysmenorrhoea + still undergoing tests to rule out other possible disorders. Today, May 12th is #FibromyalgiaAwarenessDay so I’m going to tell you a little bit about how this condition affects me.

When I was a wee las I used to experience a lot of joint pain, my knees and hips would lock into position whilst standing, sitting too long or laying down in bed. I would have to force my bones out of lock position if I wanted to move & it was absolutely excruciating. My DR’s all told me it was just “growing pains”… But of course I eventually stopped growing and the pain only kept on getting worse. Soon I was diagnosed with Osgood Schlatters on my right knee, causing me to sit out on a lot of activities (I was very sporty growing up). Once I reached adolescence my muscles would get sore, my nerves went haywire & my blackouts began.

Eventually in 2013 after X amount of blood tests, physiotherapy sessions, x-rays, hospital admissions & MRI scans I was diagnosed with both Fibromyalgia & also CRPS.

I would describe Fibromyalgia as having the FLU… Only you never get better you just suffer FOREVER & there’s no cure.
For anyone with loved ones with this invisible chronic condition I’m sure you have an idea of how truly difficult it is to live with. I came to this platform in hopes that others see how real it is to be chronically ill, to share my victories and to connect with other warriors. For those of you who also have this illness/similar in nature then my heart goes out to you, I hope you find a community to be your Support System & hold onto HOPE.


Fight on, warriors. Be BRAVE & Stay Strong.



L.S 🥄💜


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