POTM: Hotteeze Heatpads

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me as a gift by a representative of Hotteeze who came across my website via my social media. This review ISN’T sponsored and is not biased due to receiving these products in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own and honest. If you would like to purchase this product via Amazon you can do so by clicking on this disclaimer at no extra cost to you



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Hotteeze Heat Pads

These innovative heat pads are great for keeping warm on a cold day, easing cramps and pains for a good number of hours to give you relief.

It’s packaged in a resealable grip bag and says to keep sealed in a cool, dry place. The words on the front of the bag says – “Helps relax tired, aching muscles”.


  1. iron powder
  2. water
  3. activated carbon
  4. potassium chloride


Functionality & Ease of use


Hotteez Heat Pad
Hotteeze Heat Pad


Once you open the packet, the filings inside the pad react with oxygen in the air to create heat – no wires or microwave required! The heat is constant and long-lasting (up to 14 hours for Hotteeze Heat Pads, 6 hours for Hotteeze For Feet, and 10 hours for Hotteeze Hand Warmers).


The instructions to use Hotteeze heat pads are on the back of the packet, easy to read and precise.

Simply open the packet, tear off the adhesive paper and stick the Hotteeze to your clothing where you want heat! Hotteeze works best on tight cotton underclothing.

12 HR – Heat Pad

10 HR- Handwarmer

6 HR- Feet pad

Hotteeze Heat Pads contain potassium chloride, which can also act as a soil conditioner. The other ingredients are iron powder, water and activated carbon. This is great because the contents can be reused as a soil conditioner for your house plants and/or garden. A massive tick for being an eco-friendly product.

I made a slight mistake of sticking the feet pads whilst I only had tights on and they were thin so the heatpad actually burnt through the cotton material on my right foot 🙁  quickly removed it as I felt the sting but wasn’t harmed.

Prior to that incident I had gone a whole day out wearing the feet pads whilst wearing socks and my boots and they were absolutely fine throughout the day.



Final Thoughts – Spoonie Friendly?

I was very impressed with Hotteeze heat pads and the company customer service on a whole. These are definitely a new favourite of mine and a must have in my Chronic Illness Kit.

I used these heat pads both to keep warm and to ease my chronic pain. When taking trips to medical appointments or even to staying indoors these were superb and helped tremendously for getting through the last months of winter when it’s most bitter.

I stated earlier in this review that Hotteeze heat pads contain natural and eco-friendly ingredients which can be used as a soil conditioner to help plants thrive. I’ve recently planted my own sunflower and I’m staying hopeful that it will grow with the aid of these recyclable ingredients and of course some sun.

Delivery wasn’t a problem and my package came quicker than I thought it would. The heat pads were ordered on 21st February and arrived on the 27th, 6 days shipping time which isn’t bad at all just enough time to anticipate and get excited about the arrival 😊

You can purchase this product straight from the main site and they’re also on Amazon as it’ll save some time with shipping if you’re in the UK or US and need these urgently for a spontaneous trip.

Spoon Rating 4 - Laura Spoonie


If you also suffer from a chronic illness, medical condition, these are a great item for you to have in your draw. Please read the instructions before use and DO NOT stick these directly onto your skin!! 

Have you used Hotteeze Heat Pads before or another brand?


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5 thoughts on “POTM: Hotteeze Heatpads

    • Yesss, these were fab!! Even for everyday use, people travelling to work, in colder countries etc. There are some other heat pads which I shall review soon also, coming soon 😉x


  1. I am always cold and my bones are always aching so I constantly have hot water bottles with me, or re-useable hand warmers. I would use the £land heat pads to reduce pain, but these sound so much better. Plus you get 10 pads for £11.00? Thats fantastic – considering the £land ones are a £for two but they only last half the time!

    I’ll be looking into getting these in future 🙂

    – Nyxie


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