Me holding a rose to protect myself from thorns - Laura Spoonie

Poem: Do You Really Love Me?!

Hey my Lovelies,

I haven’t posted anything in a few weeks, part of the reason being I just can’t seem to get the words out of my mind and onto the keyboard and the main cause of this is because I’ve been struggling a lot with my mental health. My physical health is up and down, I’m really trying to push through but I can feel my chronic pain worsening and it’s just been super hard to regulate.

Anyways, I wrote this poem the other day when I was in my feelings at 2 AM one morning & had painsomnia (pain+insomnia).

Dealing with a few things in my life bought me to have a think about the word, ‘love’ and the longing for growth and so this poem was written, ‘Do You Really Love Me?!’ ❤



Me holding a rose to protect myself from thorns - Laura Spoonie

You say you love me but do you really?
Do you care about every part of me? The parts that are hidden? My mental health? My physical safety?
Do you want me to grow to my fullest potential & turn into the butterfly I’m meant to be to spread my wings & bask in my fullest glory?
If this is too much to comprehend then I’m not who you thought I was.
I’m much more than the restrictions that have been placed upon me, out of fear… Out of doubt.
The thing is you see me how you see you. You love me how you love you & you just don’t see how much you’re hurting me cause you’re so used to hurting… YOU.
But I’m trying, trying so hard to love me & hopefully one day it’ll inspire you to do the same
The transition will be painful no doubt. Change is hard but without it nothing grows, I can’t grow, we can’t grow
So I ask again, do you really love me?
If you do, let me leave.
L.S 🌹❤





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4 thoughts on “Poem: Do You Really Love Me?!

    • It’s so very exhausting isn’t it! Thank ful that Spring is here and so the bones and muscles won’t be as tortured due to winter + the flowers are pretty at this time. Hoping for better days ahead *gentle hugs* xx

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      • Yes, it is exhausting. I get so sick of my life. Same old crap, different day. Hopefully, Spring will bring less pain for both of us. Problem is, here it rains all spring and then it’s summer. Ugh. Hot & humid. Hugs back. ❤

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