New Goals, New Strategy: Bullet Journal

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Welcome back to my blog! If it’s your first time stopping by here then it’s lovely to have you.

Where does time fly you may ask? I also ask the same question.

Anyways, as time ever so rapidly moves on it’s always good to look back on your journey to see the progress you’ve made and how far you’ve come. It’s also a great opportunity to look at anything that you may need to work on within yourself and set whatever necessary goals to get to a place that your future self will essentially thank you for.

In this post I’m going to mention, What Bullet Journalling is & how my first ever self-decorated Bullet Journal will benefit me for 2019 & maybe for the possible years to come.


What is Bullet Journalling

The Bullet Journal is an organizational system that was bought to light by Ryder Carroll, a Designer based in New York. The purpose of this system is meant “to help you track the past, organize the present, and plan for the future.” It’s an amazing system that keeps a record of everything you could ever want to jot down, a physical place to store everything you need/want to do, remember, or give your attention to.

For my BUJO I wanted to focus on my overall personal growth, so the theme for my first ever BUJO is all about directions and beginning a journey to a better me. On the front, I chose to draw a map compass which is something we all need if we’re to set off on a journey, especially to places we’re unfamiliar with. There’s a scripture I like to recall which is found in Luke 14:28 (To read this scripture CLICK HERE)


Bullet Journal Sections

A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step - Laura Spoonie
A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step (Doodle) – Laura Spoonie


After my contents page, I created a doodle page where I drew the very well known motivational quote, “‘A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step” – Lao Tzu’ to help me stay focussed and remember that I can achieve my goals no matter how slow I have to go due to my physical and mental illnesses.

I drew a pair of shoe prints, some mountains, trees, a treck path and right at the top a sun with some clouds in the sky. I actually didn’t plan for my drawing to end up like this but I guess I can call it, “A Happy Little Accident” – Bob Ross 🎨


My BUJO will consist of four main sections:

(acronym MAPS – continuing with the theme of Journeying)

  • Medical

Anything to do with medical appointments, medication, therapy

  • Art

Art goals that I set for myself each month, art equipment/stationary tracking list, drawing or painting ideas

  • Personal

Financial budget and saving goals, to-do list (quarterly goals as opposed to daily/weekly to-do lists), blogging scheduling

  • Spiritual

Bible reading, Personal study, favourite scriptures etc.

*In each section, I’ll expand on the things I want to note down and any pictures I want to add as this will help me to stay visually alert.


Monthly Art Goals - Laura Spoonie
Monthly Art Goals – Laura Spoonie




With this Bullet Journal, I hope to continue growing in all aspects of my being and doing what I can to become a better ME! At the beginning of the year, I posted two other blogs, My Mental Health: Mood Tracker & Staying Organised with Chronic Illnesses


Now that I’m adding my Bullet Journal into the mix I plan on using all of these systems to help navigate me through my journey & to get to where I want to be.

Have you tried bullet journalling? How do you find it to work?



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