PMU Cards by Laura Spoonie Art

Pick-Me-Up Cards by Laura Spoonie Art

Hey my Lovelies,

Last month I decided to set myself an artistic project of making positive self-care cards called – Pick-Me-Up Cards and every week since the beginning of Janauary I have been working on this project .


Pick-Me-Up Cards (PMU Cards) by Laura Spoonie Art

BRAVE - calligraphy - Laura Spoonie

The main aim for my colourful, hand-designed, kawaii Pick-Me-Up cards is to encourage and uplift anyone who is a part of the Chronic Illness and Mental Health community, or anyone who is going through a rough patch and simply needs some encouragement through the hard jerks in life.

Pick-Me-Up cards are designed using bright colours, pretty drawings & calligraphy to cheer you up & put a smile on your face. Inside is a positive personal hand-written message so you may always look back on it & be filled with Love & Light xx


PMU Cards 2019 and Beyond

Every single month I focus on a particular design to release within my Laura Spoonie Art line.

Just recently I launched my new postcards on my Etsy Shop which feature a few of my original coloured pencil-drawings:
The Brave Butterfly
Lessons from a Sunflower
Pretty Birds

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