Home Delivery when you’re Housebound: Amazon Pantry

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Today I’m back to speak about having access to home delivery when you’re housebound. If you or anyone you know suffers from any Mental or Physical illnesses then I suppose you’re aware of how debilitating and isolating it is to say the least. Being housebound cuts you off from the world outside and anything remotely normal for everyone else becomes a serious challenge for any individual suffering regardless whether you’re a natural loner or not (speaking for myself).

In this post I’ll speak about:

  • The struggle of being housebound
  • My first Amazon Pantry Delivery
  • Benefits of Home delivery when you’re Housebound

The Struggle: Housebound

As I stated above being housebound is debilitating and isolating. One of the many things that people struggle with while chronically ill is getting regular proper meals to eat, whether it’s being able to cook meals for themselves or being able to purchase ingredients.

For the people looking from the outside in, they may at times they feel at a loss for what they can do to help out a loved one that is struggling mentally or physically. In another post I’ll write about a few things that could be done to alleviate the stress of someone struggling mentally/physically. Disabilty isn’t linear, which means some people are able to do some things whilst some aren’t able and these things can also change over time. For instance someone might be struggling to leave the house but feel as though they can manage to cook someting simple to eat at home, because of this they may feel overwhelemed to go to a supermarket but be grateful for some ingredients to make their own meal.


My Delivery: Amazon Pantry

I finally decided to go ahead and do some online food shopping. I regularly use Amazon for a lot of things and always see the food category pop up but had never stopped to look at any of their items on the site.

Amazon suggested ‘Pantry’ to me whilst searching for items and gave me the option to use a smile.amazon.co.uk link which allows you to choose a registered charity (my choice – great ormond street hospital) on their list, after you’ve chosen your items for delievery, 0.5% of the net purchase price is donated to your chosen charity at no extra cost on the consumers part.

I ordered my food on Sunday evening and they were due to arrive the next day by afternoon time. I waited patiently by the door the following day, Monday. I also had to leave the house for an appointment & was afraid that no one would be home by that time but fortunately the Amazon delivery driver called to say he was in the area with my groceries and on the way… fortunately as I had to leave someone else had come home and was able to let them in.

The delivery went smooth and there were no problems. I have now used Amazon Pantry service twice but i’m on a mission to find the best delivery service out there.

With Amazon Pantry they didn’t have a section for fresh food items or cold drinks in that section which I was upset about but can’t complain as the snacks, dry and tinned foods that I ordered were fine and came in good condition.




 Benefits of Home Delivery when you’re Housebound

  • You can do your shopping at your own time without being rushed or becoming overwhelmed
  • Energy conservation, there isn’t always anyone available to do any heavy lifting for bulk items
  • You can save items in your account so it’s easier to repurchase items you liked



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