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The Breathless SpUni-corn PT.2

Hey my Lovelies,

How are you keeping?! I previously posted the first part of The Breathless SpUni-corn series a couple of months ago and now I’m back for part 2.0 where I mention a few things that have helped me to gain a steady level of control over my asthma.


In this post I’ll speak about:

  • Prescribed asthma medication
  • Habits I’ve tried to adopt in order to help alleviate asthma symptoms/attacks


Asthma Alleviation

  1. Clenil Modulite 100
  2. Salamol
  3. Fostair 100/6


Habits that have helped to alleviate the affects of my Asthma

  • Taking my recommended doses of medication prescribed for my asthma by my GP nurse
  • Drinking room temperature water as soon as I wake up
  • Using my Air Humidifier especially at night to keep air circulated (I try to avoid opening my window especially at night time as I struggle to breathe with the air pressure change at night time
  • Using a cambridge face mask when I’m in/out of the house, feeling under the weather, in polluted areas
  • Getting the flu jab ( got my first one in December)
  • Covering my chest with a scarf or two when outside
  • Breathing in hot steam from a shower to clear airways whilst taking deep breathes


I had an asthma check-up last week by a nurse at my regualr GP’s. Everything was fine, I just mentioned what my triggers and asthma irritance are but my oxygen levels have been ok recently as long as I avoid stairs that is, haha

I’m continuing to take my Fostair inhaler twice a day and whenever I feel my chest getting tight or finding it a little harder to breathe then I take my Salamol inhaler in between (which has thankfully cut down a lot since the start of winter)

If you suffer from asthma what are some things that have helped you to better manage this chronic illness?!



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