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10 Unique Things About Me

Hey my Lovelies,

I was tagged some weeks ago by, Jen Cannon at The Frozen Mind to do the ’10 Unique Things About Me’ Challenge. I honestly didn’t even know what to type, I normally try to avoid these tags because I can’t think of anything to write as my mind always goes blank when I have to think about attributes that make up who I am, let alone ‘unique’ things. But I’ll try to get a list up to get my brain cells and self-esteem going, haha. Here goes!



bitmoji FACTS - Laura Spoonie

10 Unique Things About Me

  1. You know how people can eat tubs of ice cream? (I haven’t done that in a few years now) I can eat a whole tub of peanut butter. Thankfully my dietician said it’s not an item that had to go on my ‘X List’ 😋 It has to be a particular kind though, I can taste when there’s too much palm oil in there and actually prefer when it doesn’t contain any palm oil at all & definitely CRUNCHY like this healthy version

    Whole Earth - crunchy Peanut Butter Laura Spoonie
    Whole Earth – crunchy Peanut Butter
  2. I haven’t sat down to watch T.V at home in about 3 years. Even if I’m at someone’s house I’ll watch it if it’s on but I’m not fussed if there’s no T.V at all.
  3. I’m extremely expressive in my body language and face. If I don’t say how I’m feeling my face will!!
  4. I love learning about wildlife and watching documentaries about the planet on Youtube
  5. I’m the biggest EMPATH. I can’t even begin to explain
  6. I remember all my dreams since I was little. No joke, I could’ve written plenty Fantasy Novels by now if I wasn’t so tired all the time
  7. I played the violin since I was 8 and stopped going to music school when I was 16 but carried on studying Music Performance in Sixth Form which included; creating my original music, singing, writing songs, playing keyboard, steel pans and a few other instruments
  8. I LOVE cooking, mainly creating different meals and experimenting with ingredients but haven’t done so for a long time as my health has gotten worse
  9. I started learning to drive at 17 but stopped because I always wanted to ride a motorbike (of course people around me thought I was a little crazy) I don’t know about driving but the way my chronic illnesses are set up I’m about to get my electric scooter/wheelchair license, haha
  10. I’m a sucker for a starry night, always looking up at the sky imagining the galaxies. Total Astrophiliac


So, there we have it! 10 unusual things about me.

If you want to do this challenge then go ahead and join in 😉



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13 thoughts on “10 Unique Things About Me

  1. Those are pretty interesting facts about you 🙂
    Ew I can’t eat a spoonful of peanut butter let alone a whole jar… I hate the way it sticks to my mouth!
    I’m not bothered about watching TV either, and also like yourself I can’t hide how I’m feeling (I’d be a terrible actor).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, defo. meant on YouTube, haha
      That’s so cool, Susan! I was thinking about just getting my license just so I have it there, but honestly, I don’t see how as I struggle with sensory overload and too much pain don’t know how I’d cope


  2. Great to see a new post from you! I definitely can relate w/ #3. I don’t even try to hide what I’m thinking on my face. Being genuine is something That needs to be embraced. Hope you’re doing well!

    Liked by 1 person

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