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POTM: YOU MATTER – Self Care Notebook ðŸ““❤

Hey my Lovelies,

On Saturday evening I received my ‘YOU MATTER’ self-care notebook by Rachael Hope and I wanted to do a quick POTM (Pick Of The Month) on it. It was very kindly gifted to me and it couldn’t have come at a better time to cheer me up.




Rachael Hope is an abstract artist with a BA Hons in illustration, graduated in 2014. She has since spent her time sharing tips for the blogging world, creating more professional abstract artwork and expanding her business by adding her unique art pieces to everyday use items and office/blogging equipment.

The notebook shown above is a part of her new ‘Self Care’ range. With her one of a kind colourful art on the front of the notebook and the all-important phrase that everyone needs to hear and see more of, ‘YOU MATTER’ enclosed by a love heart. The back of the notebook is matte black and plain which balances out the abundance of colour featured on the front.

The notebook is spiral bound and has lined paper inside with a little slot at the back to add agenda notes inside if you wish.


  • 120 pages
  • Cover 350gsm, paper stock 90gsm
  • Front cover print from an independent designer
  • Available in a selection of ruled or graph pages
  • Handy document pocket inside the back cover
Spiral Notebook measurement
Width 15.25 cm
Height 20.25 cm


Functionality & Ease of use

Well, this might be one of the easiest product I’ll ever review because it’s just straightforward. A notebook needs no instructions, you just write notes.

The packaging was simple. The product was distributed by the online market company, RedBubble. It had their red signature packaging and the notebook was protected inside by a plastic sleeve.

I haven’t used it yet, but I knew exactly what I was going to use it for before it even arrived.

I’ll upload a post in a few weeks about what I plan to use this particular notebook for.

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Final Thoughts – Spoonie Friendly?

This notebook gets an upvote from me. There’s no way that it couldn’t be ‘Spoonie Friendly’, so it definitely passes my ease of use spoonie test. With the unique design and self-esteem boosting slogan it’s a notebook made for anyone to have. The main thing is the artwork that features on the notebook as it’s a design you won’t find anywhere else unless it’s from a Rachael Hope Art Collection.

The new year is approaching, have you gotten your self-care notebook yet? I’m sure Rachael Hope has plenty more in stock just for you too.


Spoon Rating 5 - Laura Spoonie


POTM: YOU MATTER - Notebook - Laura Spoonie
‘YOU MATTER’ Self Care Notebook- Rachael Hope Art


Look at some more of Rachael Hope’s items & art – CLICK HERE to see other products on RedBubble

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After going through a physically and mentally draining November, ‘YOU MATTER’ is something I really needed to see right now.

Thank you for being a friend, Rachael! xx


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2 thoughts on “POTM: YOU MATTER – Self Care Notebook ðŸ““❤

  1. GIRL! Thank you so much this is so so sweet! I didn’t expect this at all, I just wanted to let you know your are loved and appreciated. Thank you so so much for an awesome product review. This post is the best birthday gift I could receive 🙂 Lots of love Rach xxxx

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