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Hey my Lovelies,

Earlier this month I was nominated for the Flawesome Award by Johnzelle. I became aware of his blog mid July and honestly I find his writing so easy for me to read, it’s like i’m reading advice and taking notes from a big brother… that I never had. He’s a therapist, working hard to towards starting up a solo practice for psychotherapy in the near future (speaking it into existence 🙏).

Check out his Blog and Twitter

He’s also just started a YouTube channel to share knowledge and raise more awareness for mental health through vlogging.




The Flawesome award is about embracing your flaws. We live in a world where everything is filtered and polished. The goal of this award is to do the opposite, so let’s keep it all the way 💯


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Here are the rules:

  • Link back to the original creator of the Flawesome Award, Sophia Ismaa Writes
  • Also, recognize the person who nominated you: Johnzelle
  • Display the award ⬆️
  • List three flaws and turn it into a strength ⬇️
  • Nominate 10 people ⬇️



1. I have social anxiety so I may seem a little off-ish when I’m with a big crowd of people

Social anxiety… it manifests in a multitude of ways. I’ve never been one for big crowds of people. This may come across to people that i’m acting a little ‘weird’ or being suspiciously quiet, but i’m literally just observing my surroundings, also thinking of escape plans and how I can get to a more quiet room or the toilet because i’m dying inside 🙊

I think the strength is that It gives me a chance to learn more about someone one-to-one and have more in depth conversations with people. Although I still have anxiety in general, I can cope better when I’m with fewer people and just concentrate solely on an individual and getting to know them.

2. I have black and white thinking where I literally detach or stay away from people when I feel something is wrong

Fight or flight. Guard up before I get stood up.

Black and white thinking is linked to BPD warriors and also traits of those with anxiety and depressions. It’s a defense mechanism that I’ve had since forever, a way that I ‘cope’ with life and it’s challenges. The flaw is, unfortunately black and white thinking makes it hard to view people and situations in the way they really are. You’re either good or bad… no in between!

The strength in this; Lord knows I had to think hard about the strength in this.

Once I realise that i’m doing it with a particular situation, I can then take a step back and make a decision to fairly analyse things. It takes time though, there’s no such thing as over night miracles when it comes to bettering mental or physical health.

3. My hermit ways (naturally a loner)

There’s two sides to this, 1) I’ve always naturally liked my own company & 2) I’m bed bound a lot cause of my illnesses

The flaw comes in when my mental well-being is at danger because I actually need to get out of the house. People get offended when I can’t partake in something and then it becomes a cycle of, ‘what’s the point in anything’, then I feel guilty for feeling as though I can’t possibly be a good friend.

The strength here is that I literally don’t have FOMO – Fear of Missing Out on anything.

I’ve gotten used to missing a lot of things I’ve actually wanted to do, and in the same instance I’ve also missed a lot of bad occurrences. You know, when you want to go somewhere but then it just doesn’t work out and then later you hear not so great news.

My hermit ways are essentially how I survive, linking back to the first flaw I mentioned, when i’m around others for a long period of time I literally feel my energy draining; physical and mentally. Just to be clear, it’s nothing to do with others that’s just the make-up of my being.

Another positive – I’m like so totally a Blogger now… in Bed! Lol


Hey, we’re all different I guess. Just gotta roll with the quirks and make your own quest out of life! 😉🤷‍♀️



And my nominees are:

Remember our flaws make each and everyone of us unique. Stay Flawesome!

*Don’t feel obliged to write a Flawesome post if you don’t want to.


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7 thoughts on “Flawesome Award✨

  1. Great reply post! There are definitely pros and cons to the introversion and hermit habits; however, we grow when we push ourselves past our comfort zone. My new favorite quote is, “You can’t be courageous and comfortable at the same time.” Also, thanks for the shout out 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    • This one was definitely a challenge to write, but so good for growth and being honest and transparent. That’s a great quote. It also helped because I really want to speak more about mental health next month, I’m actually excited for this blogging journey I’ve begun. That is no problem 🤗

      Liked by 1 person

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