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POTM: Westlab Epsom Salt

I have heard many people in the chronic illness community speaking of and praising Epsom salts for its ability to soothe and relax, so I decided to try it out for myself and see how it worked.

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Westlab Epsom salts has a simple yet refreshing design and easy to read writing on the package.

It’s packaged in a resealable grip bag and says to keep sealed in a cool, dry place. The words on the front of the bag says – “Helps relax tired, aching muscles”. It also assures us, as the consumer – that:

  1. it’s natural salts
  2. 100% pure
  3. nothing added
Westlab Epsom Salts - Laura Spoonie
Westlab Epsom Salts

Functionality & Ease of use

The instructions for measurements to use are on the back of the packet, easy to read and precise.

Epsom Salts Instructions - Laura Spoonie
Epsom Salts Instructions

I had ordered the Epsom salts and picked it up from the shop. It came in extra outer packaging but scissors weren’t necessary as it has a cut out groove on the side of the bag to tear it open.

On the back of the packet it says, ‘Dissolve salts in a warm bath of 37-39 degrees. Relax and soak for 20 minutes. To help relax tired and aching muscles use 2-4 cups (500g-1kg).’

The pack size that I purchased is 1kg. In the case of using 500g -1kg per bath soak would mean that this size packet would only last for two uses, which would turn out to be very inconvenient and you’d probably want to order a much larger size. For this month my plan was to simply test it out and see how my body reacted to this product before ordering anything larger in size.

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The instructions say to use salts in a warm bath and soak. I personally haven’t really enjoyed taking baths since I was little and had a yellow rubber ducky. Baths make me feel sick, dizzy, claustrophobic, unsafe and I also feel as if I still need to have a shower after I’ve finished in a bath.

I first tried the salts two weeks ago on Friday before I took a trip out to The Theatre and then also again on the Friday afterwards.

The first day that I tried using the Epsom salts I filled the bath up and poured a cupful in. I thought it wasn’t going to dissolve but it eventually did after a couple minutes in the water. As soon as I got in the bath I immediately felt sick and dizzy, not sure if i even lasted 10 minutes in there.

The second time I used the Epsom salts I had filled the bath but I made sure the water temperature was much more cooler than the first time. I still felt uncomfortable because of certain symptoms but as I wasn’t going out anywhere afterwards, I was able to go straight to bed and fall asleep.

Final Thoughts – Spoonie Friendly?

I wasn’t necessarily skeptical but more so doubtful of how Epsom salts would work for me. Living with multiple neurological disorders is very debilitating and honestly being able to ever have relief would be a dream come true. Nonetheless a little bit of hope is always in the back of my mind to be free from chronic pain. I found that with the Epsom salt I was able to allow my body to relax even for a little time as apposed to constantly being tense. It’s also is a good way to unwind when suffering insomnia or what I call, ‘pain-somnia’ being a chronic pain warrior. Using the Epsom salts made me consciously decide to schedule out time in order to ‘relax’, which is something I don’t normally do.

When I ordered this Epsom salt I had seen it was on offer for £2.49 instead of £4.99 in Boots. I read the reviews and thought it was too much of a bargain to pass up. When I had gone to the closest store I was unaware that you had to order the product into the store and then collect it as they didn’t hold it in their stock room, such an inconvenience. Next time I order this product I’ll just get it straight from Amazon as it’ll save me energy and be less hassle.

If you also suffer from a chronic illness, medical condition, are on medical treatment, pregnant, breastfeeding or have very sensitive skin and aren’t sure if you’d be able to use this product, please check first with your Doctor or healthcare professional!! 

I need to make it completely clear that this product didn’t take away any pain, miraculously give me energy or cure my chronic illnesses. I’m still in ridiculous amounts of pain from Fibromyalgia and CRPS but I can try to add Epsom salts to my monthly routine, as it’ll give me at least 10 minutes to relax my mind, I guess. Even if I use it one or two times out of the month, it’ll be a great addition to my self-care list.


Spoon Rating 3 - Laura Spoonie

I’m happy I eventually got my hands on Westlab Epsom salts, I know there are hundreds of other brands out there that also produce Epsom salts.

Have you used Westlab Epsom salts before or another brand?


Epsom salts - Amazon - Laura Spoonie
Treat yourself to some Epsom Salts on Amazon and add it to your self care list



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6 thoughts on “POTM: Westlab Epsom Salt

  1. This is the brand that I use. The magnesium Epsom salts and also the pink Himalayan salt one & dead sea salt one they do too.
    Magnesium is what helps with sleep so doing it before bed with nothing to do afterwards is better.

    I don’t have a bath so I use them in a foot soak as it still is drawn in through the skin. You can just use a washing up bowl if you don’t have a lug in massage foot spa like me. Its a good way to still get magnesium in and draw some toxins out also.

    Maybe the footsoak will suit you more because of the ways a bath makes you feel, etc…

    Helen X

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