Who is Laura Spoonie❔ 10 Facts about ME – 10TH BLOG❕

Hey my Lovelies,

So it’ been 6 months since I started blogging (4 months on WordPress) and I thought it would be a good idea to finally do an ‘About Me’ post, so here’s 10 facts about me….

1) The meaning of my name: Laura Spoonie

My name = Laura

The name Laura is from Latin origin and represents the embodiment of victory and strength. It’s a little ironic because I don’t feel victorious and I have very little strength but it always reminds me of a lovely Bible scripture; 1 Corinthians 15:57 – (click to read scripture on JW.ORG)

Also, when it came to choosing my Blog name some months ago, I wanted to pick something which made it obvious that I was a part of the chronic illness community, hence the word ‘Spoonie’, which means:

Someone who suffers from a chronic illness.

So that’s the reason and meaning behind my name ‘Laura Spoonie’

2) Favourite colour – PURPLE 💜

Ever since I was little my favourite colour has been Purple. I’ve always liked purple, pink and blue (I like the whole rainbow to be honest), but my grandma sealed the deal for me when she told me that purple is a royal colour and represents wealth Lol

My grandma is my best friend so her opinion and input is #1! 💜

3) I’m an only child and very much an Introvert

I’m an only child and LOVE my own space!

I can tolerate the company of others and I have a welcoming personality so people mistaken me for extroverted, BUT i’m naturally a loner and can’t take company too long as I explained in this reply tweet I wrote a couple months ago


4) I’m a qualified Hairdresser

I completed my level 2&3 Hairdressing Diplomas and started my own business freelance hairdressing when I was 19. Due to my physical health I have since stopped hairdressing and it’s a big part of me that I’ve lost since my Fibromyalgia has gotten worse.*major sigh*

My hairdressing slogan was, “Hairstylist… touching more ♥ than hair!”


5) I’m a dog person but I’ve never owned a dog

I’ve always liked dogs, been around them at families house but I’ve never owned one myself. I used to really want a Labrador a.k.a ‘andrex puppy’, but for the past few years now, Dachshunds have my heart


The next 5 questions are what a few of my #SpoonSquad on Twitter asked me…


6) Who is your favourite singer/band?

Question asked by: Megs – @DirrtySunshine


My favourite singer has always been Mariah Carey, many of her songs are favourites of mine and when I was younger I would watch her movie, ‘Glitter’ all the time.

My favourite band is Paramore – a Pop Rock/Punk group, (a completely different sound compared to Mariah Carey who sings R’n’B/Soul music). I preferred the original Paramore group back in 2009/2010 as their music was untouchable… but they’re still cool though. The ‘RIOT!’ album will always be on repeat

*I would describe my taste in music as an ‘All you can eat’ buffet. I literally like a selection from every genre!

7) If you could travel back in time, where would you go and why?

Question asked by: Megs – @DirrtySunshine


I would of loved to have been born in the 80’s so I could’ve grown up in the 90’s. Fashion in the 80’s looked so cool, bright coloured headbands and leg warmers LOL basically FAME attire… I would of loved it back then haha. Also to be a young adult and grow up in the 90’s to truly appreciate all of the music in that era, to be able to attend artist concerts when they were all in their prime must of been immense. Can you imagine seeing WHAM in concert?… Sensational Lol!

8) What is something unexpected that your health has taught you?

Question asked by: @BalancedBellona over at balancebellona.com


My health has taught me how innovative I am when it comes to back up plans and how to get through life. It’s like an automatic innate quality where I think of other ways to achieve something or complete tasks regardless of limitations. I’ve had health issues since I was young, problems with my immune system and Fibromyalgia etc. from a very early age so I’ve never really known what it’s like to be healthy. I think I have always been quite an innovative person but in these last few years as my health has digressed a little more, I’ve really noticed how beneficial having this trait is, which is a positive and also helps to deal with the negatives that come with chronic illness and all aspects of life.

9) What was your biggest dream as a child and what is your biggest dream now?

Question asked by: @BalancedBellona over at balancebellona.com


I’ve had quite a lot of dreams growing up. I was that child that’s wanted to be everything and always had thoughts to do something else. The first job I ever vocalised was to be a builder, yep you read that right… A Builder!

I’ve worked in hairdressing, child care, administration, played instruments and accomplished other things but I wouldn’t class any of these as being  my ‘dreams’.

Now at this current stage in my life, I would say that my dream is to use my voice and whatever strength I can to connect with people and aspire to inspire. Letting others know that you can set goals and achieve so much regardless of your circumstance, health limitations, financial status etc. To use my creative talents to uplift and encourage anyone out there that needs it, whether it’s children or individuals older than me I want to make a positive difference whilst i’m on this planet

10) What would you want the world to know if you could make everyone listen to just one thing?

Question asked by: Ann-Marie over at myfitnessjourneywithfibro.blog


Just because someone doesn’t believe something doesn’t make it not true!

In other words, everyone’s reality and experiences are different, something might not be real to one person but to another that’s the only reality they’ve ever lived. This can apply to dealing with chronic physical and mental illnesses. Your journey is completely personal and sometimes people may understand a fraction of what you’re going through or they may not. At the end of the day, remember that even if people are denying you or what you say and trying to make it out that your struggle or story isn’t real or important, that’s their opinion, NOT your reality and it doesn’t make your story unimportant.

Everyone’s existence and purpose on this planet is valid!



So there we have it, 10 facts about me with a few in depth questions and answers!

Would you travel to the 80’s with me if we had the opportunity, Lol let me know in the comments


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12 thoughts on “Who is Laura Spoonie❔ 10 Facts about ME – 10TH BLOG❕

  1. Great post, Laura! I definitely relate with wanting to be fully aware in the 90s (born in ‘92). I just saw the TLC movie the other day and was all in my feels because I worshipped them growing up in the 90s but didn’t really know all that was going on. Them and the Spice Girls 🙈Labs are actually very smelly dogs, which I’ve learned since adopting my current dog. Dachshunds are a good breed but somewhat of an escape risk, as are most hounds. I definitely enjoyed learning more about your story. Definitely keep blogging! Take care 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Right, i’m ’94 & feel a little cheated!
      A couple years ago, I finally learnt Left Eye’s rap verse for Waterfalls Loool I felt so accomplished in life 😅
      Don’t even get me started on the Spice Girls, I won’t know how to stop!!!

      Labs get sooo big as well, but as a puppy they’re super adorable. Family had one called Caesar and even before he turned 1 he was humongous… I’m only little I don’t think I could manage a massive dog. He would probably end up walking me instead haha

      Thanks for reading Johnzelle ☺

      Liked by 1 person

      • My dog, Zyon (a derivative of Lauryn Hill’s son’s name, lol) is half lab and he definitely walks me, and I’m very tall! I mastered the left eye rap and felt like a boss as a kid too lol!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. So, I was born in ’81 and I was just saying to my wife the other day, how in the late 90s when we were teenagers, most pop music was OK even if it wasn’t good. You could put radio 1 on, or, if I was driving my dad’s tractor you could only get Atlantic 252 on medium wave, and generally there’d be a good track playing, whether it was blur, or Seal, or the lighthouse family, even the spice girls were bearable for a teenage lad! Maybe I’m getting old but generally I’ll switch the radio on in the car and then switch over to radio 4 or 5, or just turn it off as its mostly just noise! I guess it’s because music has diversified so much in the last 20 years… I’ll stick to Spotify. I do have to admit, and it’s a bit embarrassing, but I had two Mariah Carey albums. Ouch, that hurts to even confess. I’ll forgive myself for not having been introduced to friends by that point who would teach me about, ahem, more blokey music (I won’t say better!).

    Liked by 2 people

    • It’s so true music now is so hard to tolerate, much less listen to. Ugh!!

      It’s a shame because all the artist that had really good hits back then aren’t really doing concerts anymore or sadly their lives took a really bad turn.

      Lol haha, the fact that you owned Mariah Carey albums means you’re a decent bloke and have a heart. A little Hero every now and again is healthy for the ears!


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