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My friend very kindly gifted me this VicTsing Air Humidifier a couple of months ago in May. I had been thinking about getting one of these from Amazon but just didn’t get round to it, so when I opened the gift I was really surprised because it was something I had on my wish-list but had totally forgotten about until then. I used to own a Goodsphere air purifier that was purchased from QVC quite a few years ago which I really loved, but they stopped selling them and I’m not quite sure why. It was a round transparent glass with a white lid and it lit up and changed colour with an LED plug in base. It looked very pretty at night time plus it helped to keep the air in my room fresh and circulated. The only problem was that because it was a glass bowl it was dangerous transferring it to the bathroom when I had to change the water and got a little heavy once the water had been filled to the marked line for usage. Also once it was turned on you really knew it was on because you could hear it swishing the water about, but to be fair I actually found that to be kind of soothing. Other than that I really loved my Goodsphere.


For the past few weeks during the sudden British heatwave I’ve been waking up very breathless and feel my chest getting tight. Very rarely would I have to take the blue and brown inhaler so my asthma bothering me during the summer time is very unusual as it normally only bothers me during colder, wet and damp months but I guess it fancied a changed this year… at my expense!


At the start of the week I decided to finally try my VicTsing Air Humidifier out, test it’s performance throughout the week and then do a review. So here goes my first ever product review.

What’s in my box? 🎁

  • Air Humidifier
  • Adapter
  • User manual
  • 5 pack 10ml fragrance oils x2

Fragrance oils;

Pack One: Banana, Kiwi fruit, Papaya, Pineapple, Watermelon

Pack Two: Eucalyptus blue gum, Lavender, Orange sweet, Patchouli, Tea tree




This Air Humidifier is nicely designed for a bedroom, office desk or living room space. It’s dark brown, oak wood effect but molded with plastic, making it safe and sanitary for the purpose as a humidifier/air purifier. It has multiple uses including; Aromatherapy Diffuser/Humidifier/Air Purifier/Night Light.

Functionality & Ease of use


A simple and easy to read instruction booklet is included with the Humidifier. It has step by step picture instructions as well as written which is excellent for anyone who finds it hard to read instructions, like myself.

The function buttons of the Humidifier are super straight forward, with only two buttons at the front of the device so anyone can operate it with ease.

It has 6 colour changing breath lights to choose from or you can just let it change automatically; blue, purple, red, yellow, orange, green, (*Breath lights – LED lights that slowly fade on and off).

Unpacking and setting up was a breeze. From the instructions in the booklet I took my own pictures as a step by step guide to show how simple it was.

Step 1: Remove lid from Humidifier base

Step 2: Take AC adaptor out of packaging

Step 3: Untangle AC adaptor and plug into the bottom of Humidifier

Step 4: Use a measuring cup, (not provided in box) to fill Humidifier with water up to the max. line – add one or two drops of fragrance if you wish to use as Aromatherapy Diffuser

Step 5: Close Humidifier lid

Step 6: Connect AC adaptor plug into power socket and use


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I decided for the first try I was going to do a simple test run of the device before going full blown with it. I chose to only use water and thought it was best I didn’t use any essential oil fragrance, just to see how smoothly it works and see how I do with my breathing whilst this is on. I plugged it in and chose the ‘1HR’ setting and it stayed on for 1 hour from the time I clicked the ‘mist’ button, I also tested the ‘Light’ button out to see how the changing lights paid off during the day time.

The second day of trying the VicTsing Air Humidifier I chose to leave it on for 3 hours by simply clicking the ‘mist’ button three times for the ‘3HR’ setting. By the this time I saw how smoothly the humidifier was working so I then decided that I would add some fragrance to the mix. As we’re currently in the summer season I thought a tropical scent would be best to apply and give my room that Caribbean vibe, I may not be able to get to the Islands but the Islands will surely come to me this summer. The scents I had to choose from the first fragrance gift pack are: Banana, Kiwi fruit, Papaya, Pineapple and Watermelon. On Wednesday I chose Watermelon and on Thursday I chose the Pineapple scent, both smell absolutely divine. The potency is very superb for these fragrance oils which is a surprise because I thought they would effect my sinus and breathing. On the first try with the Watermelon fragrance I applied 3 drops to the water in the humidifier, but when I applied the Pineapple scent I chose to only add two drops as I realised these have excellent scent pay off and go a really long way so you don’t need to add much at all.

By night time I decided to leave the humidifier on for the full 6 hours as I went to sleep, which is the maximum time that it has and also put on the lights for some night time effects.




Cleaning the Humidifier is pretty simple and easy.

After unpacking the Humidifier I cleaned it and also did it again after 3 days. When coming from the factory you aren’t aware if the product has had contact with chemicals or stray substances which is why it’s good to give it a rinse and wipe down before use.

To clean the Humidifier I first unplugged the AC adapter, took the lid off, used a little detol to kill any germs gathered from the three days of use, and as you can see from the photos I used a microfiber cloth.

Final Thoughts – Spoonie Friendly?

I was a little sceptical when opening this at first as I instantly got a headache from the Essential oils, then to realise one of the packets had an orange scent in there which bothers me highly. It’s a minor as I just removed the packet from the box instantly and put it in a drawer far, far away and I’m able to use the other scents and even purchase other scents from any trusted site I find. Apart from the orange scent this device and the fragrances are fantastic.

For those with chemical sensitivities, using this without oil fragrances is a perfect option as it would be an air humidifier as opposed to an aromatherapy diffuser.

The function and use of the Humidifier is really simple, the design of just two buttons at the front makes it easy to use especially for someone with a chronic illness. You can easily press the Mist button to choose a timer setting as your wishes (1 hour/3 hours/6 hours/steady).

When the humidifier runs out of water it automatically shuts off. I find this to be a big plus because eventually, I wanted to get some candles to jazz up my desk and also for the aroma, but I’m super clumsy for that option so this Humidifier is perfect. It’s efficient in the safety and energy aspect, which is superb for a clumsy cluts like me and I can still achieve the decor that I like whilst enjoying the aroma aspect of this device.

Being able to hold up to 300ml of water means it was approved to run up to 10 hours of continuous output. Whilst ON, the Humidifier has a very faint almost waterfall sound like noise that comes from it but apart from that there’s no unbearable loud noise or disturbances. As it’s really quiet I believe it’s up to Aromatherapy and Therapeutic standards.

Cleaning this device is super easy as it’s extremely lightweight. As a Spoonie non-heavy objects are basically a dream. The lid doesn’t click shut which I think would’ve been great if it did but then again, it technically can’t get stuck so I guess that makes it Spoonie friendly, you just have to make sure to keep it out of reach from children, cats and also away from yourself when it’s in use… if you’re clumsy and find every opportunity to knock things over as soon as you awaken.

I didn’t expect this to help my asthma because it isn’t medicine, but however, I did find it to not irritate or trigger my asthma which is a good sign and it also added a lovely fragrance and ambience to my room for the last couple of days.

I’m happy with this device and the fragrances are fantastic, a product I’ll be using non-stop from now.

Spoon Rating 5 - Laura Spoonie

Thank you for reading my first product review.

Let me know if you bought one of these or something similar and how you’re getting on with it.


Laura xx


Purchase your very own VicTsing Air Humidifier on Amazon. Click the link and treat yourself or a friend




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